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What Our Clients Are Saying

I wanted to reach out to you to thank you for your tireless efforts to turn my property around quickly and to secure a new tenant. I appreciate your transparency regarding the tenant and scheduled move in dates.

I am very glad that I was referred to you as a Property manager. You have provided excellent service, and I want to thank you for helping to make the management and maintenance of this property easy.

~ Ms. Aaliyah El-Amin, Assurance client

Karen's professionalism and attention to detail has made our working relationship easy and fun.

~ Brian Dzingai, M&A Associate at Blackmore Partners Inc.

September 29, 2011, Brian was Karen's client

Karen is someone you want by your side: experienced, caring, truthful and able to execute.

~ Dani Beit-Or, Mentor, Speaker & Coach at Simply Do It Real Estate Investments

September 29, 2011, Dani is Karen's client

I rented a property in 2010 from Assurance Property Management Group, LLC. and was very pleased with the level of service I received. Even as an off-site manager, Karen Sherard was readily available by phone and e-mail whenever I had a question about maintenance or the like. As renters, we did not receive messages from the HOA, but she always relayed them to us in a timely...

~ Nikki Bruneel, Project Manager at BBDO

September 29, 2011, Nikki was a tenant for 24 months with Karen at Assurance Property Management Group, LLC.

Having Karen as a property manager has been the BEST experience. She has been managing my property for years now. She is very detail oriented and a master of communication with both the tenant and the owner. Her resources for maintenance are great and she is ON TOP of issues quickly for resolution. I give Karen 5-stars, she rocks!

~ John Lawson - ColderICE, CEO ColderICE Media

September 29, 2011, John is Karen's client

Karen has been an asset to my company. Although we are "competitors," she has always extended her professionalism; knowledge and support in helping my company grow. There have been times that we have shared clients and she has exhibited wonderful client relations, which has upheld our company mission to offer our clients the best of service. Thank you Karen for everything....

~ Katherine Basden, The Spirited Strategist

September 29, 2011, Katherine is a Broker with Phase 7 Realty

Karen is a superb property manager. Since the day we have started working together, she has been very consistent and thorough. She is great with responding to issues, recommending services and/or actions that will move to the resolution. She has a wealth of knowledge and shares it freely. She is very personable and I look forward to a continuation of good, quality service.

~ Katina Reece, MSEE, PMP, SSGB, Lead Program Manager

November 18, 2011, Katina is Karen's client

As a real estate agent, I can only think of one person when I think of property management. And that person is Karen Sherard. She is able to help an owner all the way through the process of renting and managing their property with little worry. No matter what the question, no matter what the difficulty. Karen has the answers and the knowledge in property management.

~ Anthony McCullough, Realtor at Keller Williams of Buckhead, Residential, investment & relocations in Atlanta metro. CDPE, CIAS

September 30, 2011, Anthony worked with Karen at Assurance Property Management Group, LLC.

Karen provides excellent property business solutions and I have observed her work ethic and she consistently strives to provide her clients with stellar customer service.

~ K'jerrel Smith PhD, President & CEO at Integrity Business Solutions

April 16, 2011, K'jerrel was with another company when working with Karen at Assurance Property Management Group, LLC.

My husband and I started using APM for our two rental properties in January of 2009. Prior to this time, we were managing the properties ourselves taking a great deal of time! (Especially with some of our tenants who were past due on rent payments). Since we started using APM, we have had quick tenant placements, on time rent payments, and streamlined communication with issues. Karen has really helped to give us more time to spend with our family as we no longer have to show the properties, collect rent, or make courthouse visits, when necessary. The tenants she has chosen are far better than the one's we chose as evidenced by their timely rent payments.

~ Mr. & Mrs. Paul, Assurance clients since 1/09, Union City, GA

Many investors have fears of becoming landlords, however, Assurance Property Management has provided me with exceptional service taking away all of the fears and horror stories that we tend to hear about renting properties. Assurance Property Management has allowed me to continue to invest as opposed to worry about screening renters and collecting money on a monthly basis. Since day one, I have received stellar customer service and would recommend Assurance Property Management to anyone.

~ Robert Clues, Assurance client since 7/08, Houston, TX

Assurance Property helped with a pre-existing tenant. The tenant was past due on the rent going into the second month. Thanks to Assurance Property Management, I received funds in a timely manner to avoid more late fees and we now have the tenant under control. If you are looking for a Property Management company, I would say go with Assurance Property Management. You will be pleased. APM will give you the Professionalism you deserve. Thanks to Assurance Property Management, I can rest easy.

~ Samuel Richardson, Assurance client since 2/09 Pensacola, FL

Karen Sherard has done an excellent job managing my property. My first experience as a landlord was very discouraging since my tenant stopped paying rent and filed for bankruptcy. Once Karen got involved that all turned around. She helped me to get rid of my bad tenant by providing me with knowledge and connecting me with a law firm that specialized in situations such as the one I was in. Once the bad tenant was removed she just took over and went the extra mile. Karen has some great resources at her disposal and was able to get my house move-in ready very quickly. She has found some quality tenants for my house and has worked with my HOA to ensure that my tenants have an enjoyable living experience while leasing my property. Even though I am miles away in New York, I can rest very easy knowing that Karen is taking good care of my home and has now made my landlord experience simply peachy.

~ Jason McDougall, Assurance client since June 2008, Brooklyn, NY

In all of my dealings with Karen I found her to be professional, warm and sincere. I highly endorse Karen in any endeavor she wants to pursue.

~ Paul Hale, Software Developer at Railcar Management

September 29, 2011, Paul was a tenant with Karen at Assurance Property Management Group, LLC.

Over the past several months, I have been bragging about MY PROPERTY MANAGER, how you look out for me and make sure everything runs smoothly. My friends have told me based on their and other people experiences I am truly blessed that I have you. I just wanted to say THANK YOU and I know I'm blessed to have you as my property manager.

~ Ms. Linda Reed, property owner/investor, Maryland

Prior to working with APMG, both my tenants and property were less than desirable. Prior individuals I had worked were unable to find suitable tenants, and the work on the facility by other contractors I later learned did not meet building codes.

Ms. Sherard has proven throughout our contract to be ethical, and knowledgeable. Ms. Sherard developed both a short term and long term blueprint for success as follows:

1. Put in place legal contracts to enforce landlord/tenant expectations.

2. Conducted a thorough assessment of physical property and brought in expert engineers, contractors and maintenance personnel to bring property in code.

3. Worked with academic community and families to make certain property appearance was one all could be proud of.

4. Established property as a place where tenants want to stay, and now has a wait list.

Ms Sherard is a tough no nonsense professional. However, she truly cares for her clients and goes beyond what is expected to represent our best interest. Her service to me as been a 24/7 relationships where she is always reachable and will take immediate action. I strongly recommend Ms. Sherard and the APMG experts.


I want to support and generate my full sincere expression of support to Karen Sherard of Assurance Property Management Group. Karen has assisted me in how and who to contact for my ITIN - currently in progress now. Karen openly and promptly communicates when required for all movements regarding each of my properties, IE rental payments or default payments, repairs, contractor coordination.

~ Wayne Espin, Module and Construction Piping Superintendent